The Youth Rally

Each year, the Youth Rally hosts kids and teens living with conditions of the bowel and bladder at a college campus for a 5-night one of a kind camp experience that promotes independence, self-esteem, learning, friendship, and FUN!

Dear Graduates, future Graduates, and potential newcomers to the Youth Rally "Family",

One of my favorite parts of the Youth Rally is having the opportunity to watch our graduates come back as counselors and make the transformation from mentee to mentor. Similar is the feeling I get observing a first-time Rally counselor (without previous Youth Rally experience) assimilate seamlessly into our "Family".

Since inception in 2009, the Youth Rally Counselor-in-Training (CIT) program has transformed into more of a "Leadership Training" and the curriculum in its entirety has had a remarkable impact on the camper experience, the attitudes of our volunteer team, and the overall success of the Rally as a whole. First time Youth Rally counselors (of any age) now get the unique experience of navigating through their first year(s) as a counselor as part of this program. Under the expert tutelage of hand-selected Youth Rally leaders, our CITs learn the importance of mentorship while performing actions that are purposeful and meaningful.

It is invaluable for our campers to have relevant role models and likewise as important for our team of volunteers to be best equipped for the journey.

Learning, growing, leading; this is what the Youth Rally CIT program is about. This is my call to the leaders reading this letter… YOU ARE WANTED!

All the best,

Paul Hastings