The Youth Rally

Each year, the Youth Rally hosts kids and teens living with conditions of the bowel and bladder at a college campus for a 5-night one of a kind camp experience that promotes independence, self-esteem, learning, friendship, and FUN!


"Being a counselor is as much an amazing honor as it is a huge responsibility. Each year I learn something new about a child, another counselor, myself, and life. Seldom does one get the opportunity to be a mentor, friend, care provider, confidante, and at the same time have the ability to make a lasting impression on another human being who has overcome similar challenges.”  
-Paul Hastings, Youth Rally President and CEO (pictured on the left with a fellow counselor and 2 campers at the 2017 Youth Rally 'Summer of Love' Dance), is not only an avid volunteer, but was born with Crohn’s Disease and has been living an active life since ileostomy surgery in 1979.