Who are the Youth Rally Counselors?

wocn_1Youth Rally Counselors are adults of all ages (minimum age to apply is 19), most of whom live with the same bowel and/or bladder conditions as the camper participants. Through their own life experiences with medical and surgical challenges, counselors and CITs have first-hand knowledge of what the campers are or may be facing and can provide the needed support to promote self-confidence and independence. They are leaders and mentors.  Many Youth Rally Counselors/CITs were once campers themselves.

Youth Rally counselors have a number of responsibilities throughout the week including:

  • Facilitation of peer discussion and medical diagnosis groups
  • Coordination/assistance with Youth Rally programming
  • Enforcement of all Youth Rally Policies and Camper Code of Conduct
  • Participation in and planning of Youth Rally activities
  • Assisting Nurses as needed and as asked
  • Ambassadors of FUN!

First time Counselors

All first-time Youth Rally Counselors will participate in an on-site Counselor-in-Training (CIT) mentor-ship program – an extension of the on-site orientation that will continue throughout the week while at camp with specific focus on leadership. Read this call for leaders written by YRC President and CEO, Paul Hastings.

Who are the Youth Rally Nurses/Medical Team?

wocn_1Each year the Youth Rally has a dedicated team of Licensed Medical Professionals who have experience with wound, ostomy and continence nursing (WOCN).  Additional members of the Youth Rally Medical Team might have experience in pediatrics, trauma, medical, or surgical nursing.  Some even have ostomies or other bowel/bladder diversions themselves!

Members of the Youth Rally Medical Team recognize the importance of skin health, ostomy care, continence, and medication management and volunteer their time to support the campers as needed both physically and psychosocially.  They are very much an extension of our counselor team. As such, they also have a number of responsibilities throughout the week including:

      • Facilitation of medical diagnosis groups
      • Enforcement of all Youth Rally Policies and Camper Code of Conduct
      • Assistance with medical/education activities
      • Providing nursing care and assistance to assigned campers
      • Assisting peers with medical care – knowledge sharing
      • Ambassadors of FUN! and HYGIENE!!

Can’t make it to Rally, but still want to help?

The Youth Rally, although a week-long camp, is a 365 day a year operation. Recruitment and fundraising efforts never cease and there are endless ways you can help support the cause, for example:

    • Start a fundraising page through social media – ask your friends and families to help sponsor a child to come to camp
    • Host a fundraiser (creativity is encouraged!) to support ongoing Youth Rally sponsorship and programming
    • Contact Abby Ryan for brochures to distribute to local healthcare professionals; please indicate “brochure request” in the subject line
    • Contact your local UOAA or WOCN (Wound, Ostomy and Continence Nurses Society) chapter to help raise awareness
    • Visit our RESOURCES or PHOTOS & VIDEOS page to download promotional videos and presentations – use them to help raise awareness (and funds!)